Mobile Catering Services | 3 Tips For Choosing The Right Mobile Cater For Your Office Party

Posted on: 13 October 2015

If you've been entrusted with the task of throwing your next office soiree and you've planned everything from the location to the theme, your next job is to plan the catering. Instead of the same old catering options, why not consider something completely off track? Mobile catering services are not only innovative with their food offering, but they also bring a delightful new dimension to your office party. Your colleagues will probably be discussing about this one for a long time and perhaps you'll be one step closer to that promotion you're vying for. Here are some tips for choosing mobile caterers for your office party. 

Decide Your Food Concept 

The first thing you will need to decide before hiring mobile catering services is to determine the kind of food you want to serve at the office party. Do you want to serve entrees and main courses? Or are you happy with spit roasts, barbeques and hot dogs? Narrowing your food concepts down will help you determine the mobile caterers you want. Ideally, you'll want to choose a mobile catering service that offers a variety of food concepts to help you make a decision. 

Choose a Service That Allows Customisation 

Some mobile catering services offer set menus, while others will work with you to customise their offerings to your needs. You'll want to choose the latter option because it gives you complete control over the food service being offered at the party. For example, if you are planning a Hawaiian-themed tropical office party, get the mobile caterers to customise their food menu to include classic Hawaiian dishes like pineapple pizza slices, kalua pork and salmon entrees. If you're organising a Christmas party, you'll want to choose foods that come with a festive twist like red-inspired canapés, Santa-themed starters and decorative meat platters. If you have vegetarian colleagues, be sure to inform the caterers in advance, so they can prepare properly for all types of appetites. 

Organise a Food Tasting 

Before hiring mobile catering services, you'll naturally want to choose food that's tried and tested. Let the mobile caterers know the type of food you are looking for, so they are able to cater specifically to your requests. For example, if you are looking for a finger food, salad and spit roast party, let the cater know and organise a special food tasting to establish whether the cater is worth hiring for your office party. A pre-arranged food tasting is a smart way to decide whether the caterer will be able to handle your party's needs well. 

When choosing between mobile catering services, such as Bookacook Mobile Catering, follow these tips for making the right decision for your office party.