Make the Chips at Your Restaurant Famous With These Five Tips

Posted on: 6 January 2016

If you want your restaurant to become famous for its chips, you need a stellar chip strategy, and your chips need to be tasty, innovative and most importantly consistent. Take a look at these tips to famous chips:

1. Invest in wholesale pre-prepared potatoes.

Cutting potatoes into chips by hand wastes valuable kitchen payroll hours, and unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to make hand cut chips 100 percent the same size every time. With pre-prepared potatoes, you get the consistency you need.

As a result, all of your chips cook evenly in the fryer, and this makes it possible for your customers to have a consistently enjoyable experience.

2. Keep your oil clean.

The oil you cook your potatoes in is extremely important. If you're not worried about keeping your chips vegan, a bit of chicken or other meats passing through the oil actually helps to improve the final taste of the chips.

However, whether you are putting both potatoes and meat in your fryer or keeping it exclusively for potatoes, you don't want to use old oil. It tastes stale, and that permeates through your chips. Worst of all, you can often smell old oil outside a restaurant, which can be off-putting for approaching clients.

3. Pair them with everything.

If you want to be famous for your chips, you need to make them a focal point of your menu. Don't just pair them with sandwiches or burgers. Instead, go wild, and put chips with curries, pasta sauces, eggs and other items.

Basically, you can substitute chips made from wholesale pre-prepared potatoes for the rice or wheat (ie. bread, pasta, etc.) in any dish.

4. Make your own seasoning

For chips that are paired with sauces or complicated dishes, you likely just want to use regular sea salt and pepper as seasonings. However, for chips that you are serving on their own or on the side of a sandwich, consider making your own seasoning.

Your seasoning is essentially the brand stamp on your chips. Try adding a bit of mushroom or citrus-flavoured salt, or play with flavours such as paprika, sesame or wasabi. Ideally, you should include a few flavours and find a flavour recipe that works for you. Your secret seasoning blend can help your chips become famous in their own right.

5. Offer an all-you-can eat chip deal.

Potatoes are relatively inexpensive, and if you want to push your chips, consider offering them on an all-you-can-eat basis. This could be a feature you offer everyone or simply something customers can pay extra for if they wish.