Two tips for parents who will be taking their children overseas at Christmas

Posted on: 21 March 2020

If you're travelling overseas in order to spend Christmas with relatives or at a holiday resort and your children will be coming with you, here are some tips that should ensure that you all enjoy the festive period.

Pack some custom Christmas crackers for your kids

One of the main issues with going overseas with your children for Christmas is that you may not be able to give them their main presents until after you get back home (as it might not be practical to wrap and take, for example, a new bicycle or a large doll's house on the plane journey to your resort or relative's home). Even if the children are mature enough to understand this, they may still be disappointed by the idea of not receiving their 'big presents' on Christmas day.

One small gesture you could make to ease this disappointment is to get in touch with a food supplier and ask for some custom Christmas crackers that are loaded with fun-sized Christmas biscuits or chocolates. If the food supplier makes up fresh batches of these foods in preparation for making these crackers, you could even ask them to emboss each child's initials on the biscuits or chocolates in their cracker. These Christmas crackers would be light and small enough to put into your suitcase. They could serve as a lovely gift for the children when they sit down to eat their Christmas dinner and might lift their spirits if they're feeling a bit down about having to wait to receive their bigger presents.

Look for online food suppliers who can deliver your kids' favourite festive snacks to your destination

Most children like to have certain festive snacks, made by specific brands, at Christmas. If the place where you'll be heading to does not sell the festive goodies you usually buy for your children, then you should look for online food suppliers who sell these items and who might be able to deliver them to your relative's home or the holiday resort where you will all be staying.

Even if your relative will be pulling out all the stops to serve you an amazing Christmas feast, or if you're going to a very luxurious resort which is famed for its wonderful food, your children might still find themselves feeling a bit homesick if they don't have a few of the familiar festive snacks that they are accustomed to enjoying at Christmas. This homesickness could make it hard for them to make the most out of what could be a fun festive celebration. Having at least a couple of their most beloved, familiar festive snacks available should comfort them and allow them to actually enjoy being somewhere other than their home at Christmas.

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